Table of Contents Perry Portly and the Fake DNA Results, by Gary Gocek

[SEPARATION I-b ] - Refusal of Call

Della could sense the wheels turning in Perry's head. Could he get to the bottom of the unexpected DNA results just by searching the internet? Might he have to actually travel to that source of nightmares, Pittsford?

Just then, Carrie Ann (the librarian) sashayed past the coffee counter pushing her now-empty cart. Coming and going, Perry saw her qualities were tremendous, and he remembered he was only in week three of his 12-week plan to get a date with her. All the web sites say, it's week four that makes or breaks the plan. Should he give all that up to protect Fairport against a possible false set of DNA test results indicating Fairport-ers are descended from Pittsford-ites? A wave of doubt washed over Perry.

Della sensed Perry's wheels grinding to a halt, just as Perry sensed the grinding of Carrie Ann's, um, qualities as she passed by. Della asked, "What can be done about those DNA results? We can't imagine they're true, but we need to get the facts!"

Perry sensed Della's obvious appreciation of his unique abilities, although, dear reader, Perry tended to sense what he wanted to sense, and we should not believe he was actually a good judge of character. Della knew Perry could investigate the DNA results, and she hoped to convince Perry to try. Still, Perry wondered if it could wait until after that crucial fourth week of the 12-week plan for Carrie Ann.

Della pointed out some Fairport children walking toward the conference room for a story session, with their cute rubber-ducky face masks. Della was ready to say it, if she had to, but Perry said it first:

"Ahh, the future of Fairport. They need to know the truth of their heritage."


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