Christian Symbols - Acknowledgments

Many images and text excerpts come from Symbols of the Church, edited by Carroll E. Whittemore with drawings by William Duncan. It is numbered ICN 407869 and was copyrighted in 1953. The publisher is Abingdon Press, Nashville, USA. Thanks to Cathe Hud for her assistance in this matter. Charles Green adds that the symbols were also incorporated in a book called The Illustrated Bible and Church Handbook, edited by Stanley I. Stuber (New York: Association Press), 1966. Stuber also acknowledges Mildred C. Whittemore for Who's Who of Hymn Writers. Other links appear on the symbols page.
The random Bible verses use text that is freely available at BibleDatabase. The Christian Symbols page offers three versions depending on your browser language preference: King James (English), Louis Segond (French), and Spanish Modern (Spanish).
This page updated 27 August 2016.
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