Table of Contents Perry Portly and the Fake DNA Results, by Gary Gocek

[RETURN III-c ] - Crossing the Return Threshold

Back in the Fairport library, Perry turned his attention to the DNA discussion forums. Sure enough, comments already had come through noting that corrections to test results had been received. Not only are Fairport-ers not descendants of Pittford-ites, but the residents of both towns were shown to conform to the usual, global DNA markers.

We are all members of the great human family.

[RETURN III-d ] - Master of Two Worlds

Perry sat at the coffee bar. "Say Della, why don't you get dialed in and shoot me up one of those espressos? But don't get carried away, I don't want you soaking me for passwords like that Blackbeenie AI hacker.”

Della was surprised at the personal tone of voice. Perry had never acted that friendly and nonchalant toward her.

"Do you like Chinese?" Perry continued. "Maybe we can get some takeout later at Packett's Landing."

And so they did.


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