Table of Contents Perry Portly and the Fake DNA Results, by Gary Gocek

[RETURN III-e ] - Freedom to Live

A few days later, Perry and Della stood near the canal, next to the Box Factory parking lot. The horn was blowing as a tall boat passed under the lift bridge.

"Someday we should check out the Macedon Public Library," Perry suggested loudly, over the horn noise.

"Whatever for?" Della asked, loudly. "That's, like, in a different county!"

The horn stopped. Perry answered, "Sure, even though we all descend from prehistoric African humans, we still have our interesting differences. Maybe they serve scones at the coffee shop instead of biscotti. And, who knows what historical figure will send me email when I'm in Macedon?"

Della stared at the lift bridge in order to avoid looking at Perry. What did he think about those mysterious emails from the long dead Glover Perrin, and why would he make such a comment to her? She didn't want Perry to get the idea she had anything to do with those emails. Oh no, it was too much fun to keep him guessing.

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