web2rss - Web To RSS - generate an RSS file from a web page

This web page scrapes the specified remote page in the "http" text box and displays the contents of an RSS file pointing to all the MP3 files referred to in that remote page. Some web pages may have relative links, such as
rather than
Use the various settings here to add the appropriate address before the MP3 file names. You'll need to read the remote page source markup to know what to put. Use the various settings to adjust the output and fill in descriptive attributes. For a full explanation of the settings, see "mp3scraper" (free and open-source).
The goal is to generate an RSS file that can be plugged into a podcatcher app.
As a test, try scraping https://www.gocek.org/podcasts/mp3scraper-test-typical.html
First click the Load button. If you see a message that some number of bytes were loaded, click the Refresh button to generate the RSS.

http or https:
URL prefix:
Prepend relative URLs with:
Strip base from links:
Channel title:
RSS GUID prefix:
Channel notes:
Allow https:

Contents of the URL:
raw scraped contents

generated rss
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