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For entertainment purposes only. National Problem Gambling Helpline 1-800-522-4700. The operators of gocek.org do not guarantee you will ever win any lottery game, ever.

This program generates random lottery numbers for use with filling out a lottery card. Fill in the boxes on the web page to specify the number of different game numbers to be generated, and whether or not there are additional "special" numbers such as "Megaball". Specify the range of each type of game number. For example, the game you're playing might require you to pick five numbers betweeb 1 and 20. Then click the Pick button to see your lucky numbers!

For your convenience, there are presets for Megamillions, Powerball and New York Lotto. Click a preset button and then click Generate.

As you enter values, the result will be automatically calculated. Use the tab key to proceed from box to box. You must "leave" a box for the result to be updated, by clicking outside the boxes, or by hitting the tab key. The Pick button forces a recalculation. If you enter junk, such as letters instead of numbers, you'll see an error message.

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