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Caroline Schlitt autograph, 1990
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Caroline is the former wraparound hostess of "USA Up All Night".
Following TV's golden years when Pat Prescott's sultry voice narrated the groundbreaking Night Flight show, Caroline appeared, starting around 1989 for a year or two, on Friday nights for the USA Network's Up All Night movie presentations. Caroline and crew, and guests such as B-movie actress Linnea Quigley, would make snide remarks about the movies during commercial breaks. Her Saturday night counterpart at the time was Gilbert Gottfried. After Caroline left for reasons not publicized (probably just due to changes in USA Network programming philosophy), the Friday night hostess role went to Rhonda Shear.
Caroline was born 4 September 1963 and is the daughter of producer Robert Schlitt. Caroline was a "Cherub" at Northwestern University's National High School Institute, Theatre Arts division in the summer of 1980. bio ... Internet Movie Database bio page removed 2010. More substantial documentation of Caroline as a noteworthy entertainer is needed (apparently, the credits on and aren't enough).
I formerly used the email address It still works, but just stick with the contact link below. I mention it here because it was a clever thing.
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