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Originally published by Shea Thomas

The Wiccan Rede Project was originally maintained by Shea Thomas at, but that site has disappeared. I recovered the pages from I see a couple of other references to this content when searching the web but have had trouble connecting, so here we are. I don't know why the original WRP site was disbanded, and I am not aware that Shea Thomas wants or doesn't want this content on the web. I want the content on the web because it's good reference material for my own content, and I found the WRP on, and I resurrected it.

It is not my intent to provide a history of the original site. My intent is to resurrect the great research Shea did with respect to the Rede. I have stripped out the original logos and formatting and fit the remaining content into my own pages. For the sake of Shea's privacy, I do not republish his biography. Please contact me with any issues you may have. I have tried to provide ample credit for Shea.