Table of Contents Perry Portly and the Fake DNA Results, by Gary Gocek

[APPENDIX IV-a ] - Explanation of Character Names

The names of characters are related to Fairport/Perinton, Pittsford and technology words. In order of appearance, sort of.

Perry Portly – a fictional name twisted from Perinton and Fairport

Della Brooks – a fictional name twisted from "Minerva DeLand" and "Brooks Hill", two schools in Fairport.

Carrie Ann Blugold – a fictional name. Carrie Ann rhymes with librarian. Blue and gold are the Pittsford school colors.

Brighton, Brockport, Macedon – actual towns in upstate New York, near Perinton and Pittsford.

Glover Perrin – the actual name of the earliest settler in the area now known as Perinton.

Tommy Tutone – the actual name of a pop singer.

Bigfoot – the actual name of Bigfoot.

Cougar – I could not resist portraying a Pittsford cougar. C'mon, that's exactly what I am parodying.

Slovakian Vidalia Pilsner – a fictional beer.

Neanderthal markers – the DNA companies provide this information. Most people have Neanderthal markers in their DNA.

Thornella - a fictional name twisted from Thornell Road in Pittsford.

Pippelini – a fictional name. I had a Computer Science professor who pronounced "pipeline" like "pippelini". In the movie "Horse Feathers" with the Marx Brothers, Chico pokes his head out of the peep hole and eventually divulges the password of "swordfish". Chico was known for his piano playing.

Semphorsky – a fictional name twisted from the tech word "semaphore".

Joltakanda – a fictional name twisted from the name of a soft drink popular with tech workers and the name of the country in the movie "Blank Panther",

Groucho – Groucho Marx, who had thick eyeglasses, thick eyebrows, and smoked a cigar.

Minerva DeLand – nee Parce – the actual name of a historically important figure in Fairport. The Parce family taught Minerva and her husband Daniel DeLand how to run a business, and the couple moved to Fairport and were successful. Minerva was also an active community supporter, and a school is named after her.

Packett's Landing – an actual shopping area in Fairport.

Box Factory – an actual shopping area in Fairport.


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